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Good Practices in Gender Mainstreaming - EIGE

This publication intends to present EIGE’s approach to collect, process and disseminate good practices in gender mainstreaming.

The document is the result of the contribution provided by EIGE’s thematic network on Gender Mainstreaming and Expert’s Forum members, EIGE’s staff as well as from the findings of the Second Ex-Ante Evaluation of EIGE and the “Study on the use of “good practice” as a tool for mainstreaming gender into the policies and programmes of the Institutions of European Union and EU Member States”, commissioned to the Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini (FGB).

EIGE’s work on collection and dissemination of good practices in gender mainstreaming aims to strengthen the implementation of gender mainstreaming strategy to support gender equality policies and at the same time intends to increase the awareness about the potential of such experiences in terms of reduction of gender inequalities.

Data di pubblicazione: 14/09/2012 12:45
Data di aggiornamento: 05/10/2012 16:43